November 12, 2008
Questionnaire Last updated: Mar 26, 2014

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Before you begin...
If you wish to remain completely anonymous, you may use a false name and any (working) e-mail address.  The e-mail address must be valid since that is how we send your report.
Your report can be password-protected so that no one else can read it.

NONE of this information will EVER be given to third parties.
Items marked '*' are mandatory.

Your name: *
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Date of birth: *
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You will have the option to receive a password-protected report so that only you can read it.


The report that you receive will be very detailed.  In order to keep its size down to a minimum, you may wish to select only those options below that are of interest to you.

(These options also determine which questions you will be asked.)

Conditions that you are already aware of
Would you like to read what we have to say about conditions that you tell us you have? This should always be checked unless you are certain you DO NOT wish to receive information on conditions of which you may already be aware.

Metabolic Typing
Would you like custom diet and nutrient recommendations based upon our calculations of your metabolic type?

Recommendations based on your blood type
Would you like to see information based upon the book by Peter D'Adamo, ND?

Ayurvedic Typing
Would you like some basic recommendations based on this 4,000 year-old traditional Indian system?

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