The Grape Cure is a result of many experiences which the author Johanna Brandt had in the early 1900's. The grape cure is based on the consumption of exclusively grapes during a period that can go from a week or two or extended to a month or two. This diet should not be extended longer under any circumstances and should be supervised by a doctor.

Directions for “ The Grape Cure” according to Johanna Brandt

To prepare the system for the change of diet, the better practice is to fast for two or three days, drinking plenty of pure, water and a daily enema of lukewarm water with the juice of one lemon. This fast can avoid complications, for the stomach is cleared of poisons and fermentation. In this way grapes can begin their work more quickly.

 Starting the diet

The patient drinks one or two glasses of pure cold water the first thing in the morning.

Half an hour later the patient has his first meal of grapes. These must be very well washed and some of the seeds can be swallowed and chewed as food and roughage.

The meal can be done every two hours. This can be kept up for a week to two months. Any kind of grapes can be used.

Johanna believed that initially it is better to take small quantities of grapes and later the quantity can be increased. A minimum of one pound (0.45kg) should be used daily and a maximum of four pounds (1.8 kg) that should not be exceeded.

Many different reactions may occur during the diet for the body is following a cleansing period. Weight loss is quite excessive during the diet. After the diet there must be a gradual introduction of other fresh fruits, sour milk or cottage cheese. It is important to carry on having grapes in the morning followed by other fruits during the day.

The following foods and diets were prescribed by Johanna to give an idea of how to follow meals during the day.

08.00 am - grapes

10.00 am - pear, banana or peaches.

12.00 am - grapes

02.00 pm - sour milk, buttermilk, or cottage cheese

04.00 pm - grapes

06.00 pm - orange, grapefruit, plums or apricots.

08.00 pm - grapes

If weakness develops in this diet it is due to the poisons circulating threw the blood stream, rather than a lack of food. Dizziness, increased pains in the joints and vomiting may occur but these are normal according to Johanna.